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December Tip of the Month!


Here is a Homemade Wood Cleaner that will have you never going back to the store bought.

3 1/2 Cup Water
1/2 Cup Vinegar
4 tsp Olive Oil
1/2 tsp Essential Oil (Lemon or Orange)



November Tip of the Month!


Getting Ready for the Cold Months


1.  Place a heavy duty mat outside of all entryways

2.  Replace screens with storm windows

3.  Change furnace filter

4.  Change closets from summer to winter clothes

5.  Clean chimney

6.  Have firewood ready for those cold winter days



October Tip of the Month!


21 Household Uses of Vinegar


1. Clean your computer 

2. Clean your window blinds

3. Unclog and deodorize drains

4. Get rid of the smoky smell

5. Get rid of mildew stains

6. Shine up chrome and stainless steel

7. Shine up your silverware or silver jewelry

8. Polish brass and copper

9. Get rid of pen marks 

10. Remove sticker residue

11. Clean scissors

12. Clean wood floors, cabinets & furniture

13. Deodorize small spaces

14. Clean your coffee pot

15. Brighten up bricks

16. Brighten wood paneling

17. Clean carpet or rug 

18. Remove carpet stains

19. Make a spray-on carpet stain remover

20. Remove grease

21. Paint over wood scratches




September Tip of the Month!

7 Best Ways to Keeping Dirt Out of the House

  1. Have doormats at every entrance
  2. Take shoes off before entering
  3. Wipe down pet after being outside
  4. Run kitchen's exhaust fan while cooking
  5. Empty bag less vacuum outside
  6. Clean vents regularly
  7. Change or clean air filters in heating or air conditioning units


August Tip of the Month!


Streak free windows are here!


The tip to getting your interior windows streak free is not the cleaner... it is making sure that you wipe them until they are completely dry.


June Tip of the Month!
Stay cool this summer with great summer cleaning tips at:


May Tip of the Month!



April Tip of the Month!
           Easy way to clean your Microwave


Items needed:

½ cup Water

½ cup Vinegar




Combined water and vinegar in the bowl and microwave on high for 5-10 minutes. Let sit for 1 minute. Remove the bowl using a pot holder. Using the remaining water vinegar mixture and sponge, wipe out the microwave.


March Tip of the Month!
You love a spotless house—but you don't want to spend the bulk of your time actually cleaning. These tips from Woman's Day can help you send dirt and germs packing.


February Tip of the Month!

Get Your Kids Organized at All Ages

Toddlers, and even teens, can be good organizers. Follow these tips to teach your kids organizing skills that will last a lifetime.  

Read more



January Tip of the Month!
How to keep your shower glass clean?
The key is to keep them dry. Use a squeegee after every use or you can even dry them with a microfiber towel.


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